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The first attempt to describe a bulldog standard dates back to 1864 and was intiated by the Birmingham fancier Jacob Lamphier.  In 1865 the members of the original Bulldog Club (G.B.) compiled an authoritative description of the breed known as the "Philo-Kuon Standard." It was intended to be an accurate - actually somewhat idealized - description of the bulldog that, due to its peculair bony and muscular structure was perfectly adapted for combat with the bull.  

Ten years later the Bulldog Club (by then incorporated) issued an improved Standard, that aimed at 'tidying up' the Bulldog, so as to render him a more presentable dog for the shows, while at the same time carefully preserving all the really essential features of the old English Bulldog.  There have been minor revisions from time to time, which have resulted in only negligible departures from the original, with the sole exception that in Great Britain the premissible weight has been raised ten pounds.  In 1986 the Kennel Club revised the Standard, with the aim to explain things in plainer English.

Nowadays, the majority of the countries have developed their own Breed Standard, based on the one originally drawn up by the mother club - The Bulldog Incorporated - and published on 27 May 1875.  The bulldog breed standard is now used to outline the bulldog's morphology, character, and temperament.  


Working with Phenix Bulldogs, you will find that the health and well-being of our animals of optimal concern to us.  Our English Bulldog Puppies are provide health checks and certifications and O.F.A. certifications that far exceed what is required, and far exceeds the efforts of most English Bulldog Breeders.  Our dogs are only bred from animals native to this country, not imported in deference to the health and stability of our beloved breed of show and pet dogs.  When you buy your companion or show dog from Phenix, you can bank on its health.


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