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K-9 Bear – Australia(Badge On My Collar)

The scrubland below wasn’t entirely desolate, although it was quite harsh country. The River Murray, used for irrigation, nourished the scrublands which were often very thick with the vegetation feeding off the river, but the further one moved away from the river the land became quite dry. Far below the whirr of the chopper blades, koalas slumbered in the leafy treetops of the towering eucalyptus trees where brilliant native birds soared through the blue skies. The gray galahs with accenting brilliant pink plumage, one of the most beautiful of cockatoos, screeched their high-pitched “chill-chill” calling to their mates, but Bear paid them no mind. It was the man who had taken flight that Bear was interested in. The serenity of the locale was broken by the intrusion of the escapee, and the men and dog were determined to find him. As the helicopter circled, Bryan looked below to get an idea of the type of country that he and Bear faced.

His career had been a full one. In the past, he had gone on training exercises in Australia’s national parks where kangaroos grazed and, from time to time, he took off chasing them. Fortunately for him, the kangaroos like so many crooks he chased decided to flee, bouncing along the parkland on springy legs, hopping faster than a dog can run. The creatures were often a distraction to working dogs who trained there, and the handlers all knew that if their dog cornered a big one, the kangaroo would defensively lean back on its thick strong tail and use its back legs and feet to simply tear a dog open clean down its chest, killing it easily. Distance was always best at such times.