English Bulldogs: Known Health Issues

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September 16, 2013
    Did you know that English Bulldog is a breed that is difficult to keep due to various health problems? Well, it is, of course, worth to keep an English Bulldog - because they are loyal, loving, amazing and unique breed - but you should know about their downsides to raise your Bully pup into happy and healthy dog.
    First of all, English Bulldogs pay for their beauty with a high price - their flat faces make their normal breathing difficult. That also causes English Bulldogs to overheat and to tire from exercises much faster than other breeds. They also have problems with skin - though their wrinkles are cute, English Bulldogs can't clean their faces by themselves -  a bulldog owner should do it every day to avoid skin diseases. Another problem is their legs - Bulldogs can't swim, because the legs are too short and a simple ladder can become a problem for them. 
    But you shouldn't fear all that difficulties that come with Bullies, because you will receive much more in return. Care about your English Bulldog and you will receive their love and devotion in return - and what can be better?
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