"Toothy Teacher" Chrome Plated English Bulldog Pinch Collar with Leather Part - 1/8 inch (3.25 mm)

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  • Model: MC2##1093 10320 (02) (1/8 inch) (3.25 mm)

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English Bulldog Pinch Collar for Behavior Correction

Do you want your Bully to follow your commands compliantly? Do you have difficulties with this?
On getting this Pinch Collar everything will become easier. It is meant for behavior correction and obedience training. Due to blunt prongs, which are symmetrically arranged over the whole length of the item, the pressure is distributed equally over the neck of the canine. One slight movement of yours is enough to let the dog know that he is doing something wrong.

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  • Prong collar with leather part for English BulldogEnglish Bulldog pinch collar with genuine leather part
  • English Bulldog pinch collar with quick release  buckleEasy to use English Bulldog pinch collar with quick release buckle

Key features of this English Bulldog Pinch Collar:

  • easy quick release buckle
  • resistant to corrosion
  • evenly arranged prongs
  • no sharp ends
  • extra strong
  • bright look
  • strong leather part
  • O-ring for the leash attachment

Intended use of this English Bulldog Pinch Collar:

  • training your dog in natural manner
  • easy and total control over pet
  • effective solving behavioral problems


  • length - 21 inch (54 cm)
  • prong’s diameter - 1/8 inch (3.25 mm)
  • weight - 8 oz (236 g)


  • chrome plated steel
  • genuine leather

Learn how to measure your dog for this pinch collar:
It is important to measure the canine carefully in order to choose the best fitting size. This one will fit your English Bulldog if the circumference of your dog's neck  is less than 21 inch (54 cm). If you need, you can order an additional link, that adds 1 3/5 inch (4 cm) to the total length of the collar.

This pinch collar will obviously become an indispensable tool in bringing up your English Bulldog, but you should remember that this gear is safe and effective only if used correctly. So, it is advised to consult the trainer who will tell you in the very details how to use the pinch collar properly and, what is more important, without doing any harm to the pet.

This pinch collar has some peculiar features which other prong collars do not have. One of them is its incredible design: the pinch collar has a back part, made of genuine leather and properly stitched for better durability. The main material of the collar is strong steel covered with chromium for rust-resistance. Besides, chrome plating adds silvery shine to the surface of the prongs and makes the gear easy to clean. So, the collar won't be spoiled after the contact with water or high level of humidity.

The second improvement is a quick release buckle. Thanks to it you won't lose your time on putting the collar on your pet. It is so easy to adjust the tool on the dog's neck just  in a few seconds.


There is a general rule of thumb which reads the following: if you need to use more than a couple fingers on the leash while using a prong collar, you’re doing something wrong. So just be sure that you do everything right and then we guarantee that your English Bulldog will not suffer while being collared with a prong tool.

If you are going to purchase this pinch collar, you should learn the important rules concerning its usage:
  • wearing a pinch collar your pet should be over your control;
  • never put this collar on your dog inside out;
  • never put this collar through the dog's head;
  • to put it on your dog firstly unhook the links, place a collar around the dog's neck and hook them;
  • use a pinch collar only of the proper size for your dog;
  • it should be used only for training purposes.
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