"Stylish Supervisor" Martingale English Bulldog Collar - 1/6 inch (4 mm)


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  • Model: MC5##1093 Leather Adjustable Martingale Collar with Brass Chain

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Easy Walking with This Martingale English Bulldog Collar

Easy walking with your English Bulldog is but a dream for you?
You do not have to stand it! Get this Martingale Leather Collar for your pet and all problems will disappear. This gear is meant to help you while walking as well as professional dog training. It is very reliable due to leather part. Thus, even a great puller won't be prone to tear it. We want to draw your attention to the design of the collar. Combination of leather and brass looks posh, so it can't but add some zest to the appearance of your English Bulldog.

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  • Leather martingale collar for English BulldogEnglish Bulldog martingale collar with leather part and brass chain
  • Martingale collar for English BulldogEasy adjustable English Bulldog martingale collar

Key features of this English Bulldog Collar:

  • genuine leather
  • strong brass
  • martingale chain for easier use and control
  • smooth polished surface
  • corrosion resistance
  • comfy and reliable in use

Intended use of this English Bulldog Collar:

  • professional dog training
  • safe walking
  • obedience training


  • see attributes
  • width of the chain is 1/2 inch (12 mm)
  • chain is 1/ 5 inch (4 mm) thick
  • width of the leather part is 3/4 inch (20 mm)


  • brass
  • genuine leather
The martingale collar is a perfect item to control your beloved Bully and to provide him with enough freedom at the same time. If your beloved pet pulls on a leash or slips out of the collar, this dog supply will help you decide this problem. This collar gently closes up when your English Bulldog pulls on a leash or tries to back out of the collar. This canine gear has an advantage. It is more gentle in use than choke collars. With the martingale collar your pet will be avoided from direct pressure on the front of his neck.

This dog collar is made of the combination of high quality leather and brass. Thus, if used properly, it will serve you for a long period of time. This collar is tear- and rust-resistant.

Teach your English Bulldog to be obedient and keep him nice-looking with the help of this Superior Martingale Collar!

Safety Measures:

  • Never leave your dog unattended, when wearing a Metal Collar, because it may result in injuries;
  • Please note, if your dog is not fully grown, you should order a Collar that will perfectly fit him. It shouldn't be bigger, because it will slip off his head and will be probably lost. It shouldn't be too tight as well.

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