"Obedience Manager" Brass English Bulldog Choke Chain Collar - 1/6 inch (4 mm)

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  • Model: MC27#1093 200.62.40060 Brass fur saver 4 mm

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Brass Choke Chain Collar for English Bulldog Breed

Train your English Bulldog with pleasure and correct his behavior easily with this Superior Choke Chain Collar. This gear will be your reliable helper because it is extremely strong. It is almost impossible to break the collar, even for a great puller. So, if you are in search of a high-quality, durable and safe dog collar for training purposes or behavior correction needs - this collar is one of the best ones in the field of dog training equipment.

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  • Fur saver collar for English Bulldog with polished  linksBrass English Bulldog choke collar with smooth links
  • Behavior correction English Bulldog choke collar of  brassEnglish Bulldog choke collar with 2 O-rings

Key features of this English Bulldog Collar:

  • keeps your dog's fur look perfect
  • can be used in any weather conditions
  • very durable
  • may be used both for long and short-haired breeds
  • usually doesn't cause allergy or other problems with health and skin
  • looks stylish on dogs

Intended use of this English Bulldog Collar:

  • training
  • behavior correction

Sizes :

  • link diameter - 1/6 inch (4 mm)
  • link length - 2 inch (5 cm)
  • link width - 4/5 inch (20 mm)
  • see the chart below to choose the proper size


  • brass
This dog collar is made of high-quality brass that is extra strong and durable enough to withstand the pulling of your English Bulldog. The item is rustproof, so it can be easily cleaned using water or can be also used in any weather. Moreover, the dog item consists of smooth links that protect your pet's skin from rubbing and irritation. Also, links have a fur-saving effect.

You can use this dog collar for obedience training or behavior correction. Be sure, the item is very effective and really useful if you want your dog to become an obedient pet. Another advantage of this dog item is its gold-like color. Wearing this collar your pet will look stylish, and besides, large smooth links will underline the strength and beauty of your doggy!

How to use this Dog Choke Collar:

Choke collars should be worn high on your dog's neck, right behind his ears; at the same time O-Ring for leash attachment should be on the top of your dog’s neck and not under his snout.
Be sure this dog item is very easy in use. Just tighten it - and your doggy will understand that he is doing something wrong.
Consult a professional dog trainer if you have questions concerning the use of this choke dog collar.

How to size your dog for the Fur Saver:
Please, measure your dog's size and add 2-3 inches (5-7 cm) in order to determine an appropriate collar’s size. Please note that the ideal size of the fur saver collar for your dog is when it easily goes over the head of your pet and doesn't touch the ears too much. Please, see the sizing table below to choose the best fitting choke collar properly:

Sizes available Dog's neck size
19 3/5 inch (50 cm) will do for your dog with neck size of 17-18 inch (43-45 cm)
21 3/5 inch (55 cm) will do for your dog with neck size of 19-20 inch (48-50 cm)
23 1/3 inch (59 cm) will do for your dog with neck size of 21-22 inch (53-55 cm)
25 inch (63.5 cm) will do for your dog with neck size of 22-23 inch (55-58 cm)
26 4/5 inch (68 cm) will do for your dog with neck size of 23-24 inch (58-60 cm)
28 1/2 inch (72.5 cm) will do for your dog with neck size of 25-26 inch (63-65 cm)
30 1/3 inch (77 cm) will do for your dog with neck size of 27-28 inch (68-70 cm)
31 4/5 inch (81 cm) will do for your dog with neck size of 28-29 inch (70-73 cm)
33 3/5 inch (85.5 cm) will do for your dog with neck size of 30-31 inch (75-78 cm)
Warnings about Choke Collars:
  • If you never used Choke Collar before, please ask experienced trainer or see the section “Several rules how to use Choke Collar effectively”.
  • Never leave your dog, wearing Choke Collar without attention, otherwise your pet may get injured.
  • Be extremely attentive when measuring your dog and placing your order. The correct size of the Collar is very important to get the desirable effect.

This dog Fur Saver collar goes in three different metals. You are welcome to check the table below with the links to Chrome Plated and Stainless Steel dog Fur Saver collar of the same size. Stainless Steel Dog Fur Saver Collars are classic design quality accessories. Chrome Plated Dog Fur Saver Collar is a more budget variant.
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