Medium Foam Fire Plug Chewing Toy for English Bulldog

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  • Model: TT28#1093 Chewing dog toy treat holder Medium

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Check the video how to insert Everlasting Dog Treats

Challenge English Bulldog with Treat Holding Toy

To chew or not to chew: that is the question:
Whether ‘tis better to let your English Bulldog suffer
And to develop improper chewing instinct,
Or to buy this Everlasting Chewing Item
And to encourage correct chewing habits?

This Fantastic Everlasting Chewing Toy for English Bulldog is an indispensable thing if you want to discourage inappropriate chewing. To get rid of this problem do not give toys that resemble inappropriate items; for example do not give your dog an old shoe to chew on because he will not know the difference between the old chew shoe and a new pair. Provide appropriate chew toys for your English Bulldog to enjoy and to develop proper chewing. Each dog will have their own personal preference as to what they prefer to chew and play with. So we offer you to try Foam Fire Plug Toy that will keep your pet occupied for hours.

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  • Chewing solid fire plug English Bulldog toyChewing solid fire plug English Bulldog toy
  • Challenging treat holding English Bulldog toyChallenging treat holding English Bulldog toy

Why you should buy this English Bulldog Toy:

  • made of strong special rubber
  • has no latex, vinyl and phthalates
  • reduce anxiety and boredom behaviors
  • perfect for dental hygiene
  • dishwasher-proof
  • virtually indestructible

When to use this English Bulldog Toy:

  • idea for chewing
  • makes play enjoyable and interactive
  • turns mealtime into play

Sizes available:

  • medium size
  • 3 1/2 inch (9 cm) in width
  • 4 1/3 inch (11 cm) in height
  • weight - 1/2 lbs (265 g)


  • foam

Pay attention to the fact that this treat holder is available in different sizes. There are two more sizes on offer.
Other Sizes Available Link to Product Page
Small - 2.3 inch (6 cm) wide, 2.9 inch (7.5 cm) high Imperishable Fire Plug Dog Toy for Chewing - for small breeds
Large - 4 1/5 inch (11 cm) wide, 5 inches (13 cm) high "Rolling Feeder" Dog Ball - for large breeds

Quality of material determines durability, safety and possibilities of the item. This toy is made of super strong foam rubber. The stuff is everlasting therefore this gear is allowed to be chewed. What is more important is that the rubber is totally non-toxic and will not do harm to the health of your English Bulldog. Being super tough, the tool will serve your pet for a long time. But please note that if your dog is an aggressive chewer, he/she can easily chew it up and thus its lifespan will be lessened.

This toy will challenge your English Bulldog both physically and mentally. Owing to the fire plug design the tool rolls and it may be interesting for the dog to catch it. Moreover, you can stimulate your pet by adding everlasting or real treat. Your canine will definitely like it. Keep your English Bulldog busy with this toy and prevent boredom behavior.

Tips for a dog handler concerning usage of this ball:

  • Control your English Bulldog while training with this ball, especially during water activities.
  • Please, inspect the toy from time to time to ensure that parts have not been chewed.
  • Do not permit your English Bulldog to continue playing with a broken or damaged toy.
  • Remove all tags, stickers, and loose threads before you offer any toy to your pet to prevent swallowing.

  • Take a look at chewing dog toys for medium breeds in 3D

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