Several Tips Concerning English Bulldog Care

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December 16, 2013



      Dog experts consider English Bulldogs are the most sensitive and problem dogs. That's why they recommend to follow some simple advice that will help you to prevent troubles with your dog's health and to raise a happy English Bulldog.

    English Bulldogs, due to their constitution, are not able to swim. So, don't leave your dog alone and always watch over him while he is near the pool or other water source. It also recommended to put a life vest on him to avoid more serious problems. Experts also denote the problem of overheating, so it is vitally improtant to look after your pet when the air temperature is high. Do not allow him to run or to play intensively. The last thing breeders make accent on is gulping. You should watch your dog while he is eating and teach him not to gulp his food, but eat it steadily. 



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