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Dog Leads / Leashes

A leash should be an extension of your hand, so every dog handler should be very attentive while choosing it. Our online store offers a great number of leashes for your English Bulldog. Items are made of genuine leather or nylon. These materials are durable, reliable and safe. Some leashes have Nappa padded handles to prevent rubbing and to make handling the dog even more comfortable. Snap hooks and O-rings are either brass or chrome plated. You are introduced leashes for walking, training, tracking, patrolling and what not! Choose the one that fits your needs best and enjoy it!
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NEW ARRIVALS - Dog Leads / Leashes

Our goods are made of natural leather, leatherette, nylon; have different length. We guarantee that our dog leashes, which you can purchase in our store, will serve you for a long time. They will help you not only to cope with your pet but also make you feel like a "star" among other dog owners.
Materials which our leashes are made of, are best quality. A leash is considered to be a link between a dog owner and his pet. If you chose a right leash for a collar your doggie will not feel discomfort. That's why we have a wide range of collars and leashes as well.
All fittings of our leashes are made of high quality metal. It ensures durability and reliability. Remember that every self-respecting dog owner should have several types of leashes for different situations. Bulldog leashes in our store combine the most important features as: best quality and low prices. Don't intimidate yourself by using the usual linen cords.
A leash for a dog is as important as a tie for self-respecting businessman. Our convenient order form will allow you to make a purchase quickly and easy. And our shop assistants can always help you to choose an accessory for your pet. Leashes, collars, muzzles, harnesses, bite sleeves, toys - this all is specially produced for you and your English Bulldog breed.
Every dog must have a leash apart from a collar. Without it a collar becomes almost meaningless supply, serves as jewelry. Dog leashes "evolved" together with collars, and today they are not only a link between a dog and his owner. In the city, in the strongest traffic of people, a leash can become a kind of lifeline for your companion.
Leashes for dogs differ in material which they are made of, as well as their sphere of application. It is clear that a show lead is useless for training. The basic materials used for the production of dog leashes are nylon, leather, artificial leather, and metal (chain).
According to their ways of application leashes are divided into actually leashes, chains, cords, pull tabs, couplers, show and retractable leads. Be mindful when choosing a leash, pay attention to you Bulldog's size and age, his character.
We should say one more word about metal parts of the leash. They must be made of high quality material and be welded. Because even the strongest leash loses all its "plus" characteristics with a low grade snap hook. But it's possible to buy a snap hook separately especially if you have a big strong dog.
If you're looking for a leash for training you need nylon dog leashes. As a rule a length of such leashes is from one to twenty meters. A price of this leash depends on the length and reliability of a snap hook attached. These lashes are durable and they withstand huge load.
Be careful while choosing a nylon leash - in spite of its beauty they have an ability to slide and burn your hands. Moreover, a dog can gnaw through even the strongest leash. Remember this when leashing your dog. If you need to keep a dog on a leash periodically for a long time, use a cord with a spring-damper or chain. Do not strive for a beauty and do not buy a chain with twisted wire. A chain must be welded. Please remember about reliable snap hook. A chain can also be used to wean a dog away from biting a leash. Such leashes are usually no longer than one and a half of a meter. They have organic look with a metal collar. But keep in mind that a weight of a metal leash and collar can be too heavy for dogs and it will make your doggie feel discomfort.
If you often fasten your dog for a short time (for example when entering a store), it would be appropriate to use over the shoulder dog leash. With a length of about two meters this leash is equipped with multiple rings. This allows you to adjust a length of a leash quickly and easily. Over the shoulder leads also can be used for training not very big dogs. In this case make sure that the leash is stitched with double seam and has no additional decorations, which can injure your palm. An ability to change the length also have retractable leashes.
If you have a big strong dog, you cannot do without pull tab lead. This is a short leash, which often consists of a single loop and a solid reliable snap hook. But it has some little disadvantages: a small length and impossibility of its variation.
If you are walking two dogs at the same time, pay attention to the coupler. These leashes are made of a lead which is doubled in the end. Its advantage is that it do not twist, as two separate leashes do. Disadvantage is that it's very difficult to walk two dogs who pull in different directions.
Well, to show your dog at the competition you will need a show lead. This is special type of leashes which are expensive enough. Moreover they are selected individually for each breed.
Remember that a leash is one of the main tools for controlling your beloved English Bulldog breed which may affect both the safety of people around and safety of your pet.

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