English Bulldog's Temperament

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July, 29 2013

     Did you know that English Bulldogs, despite their heavy, strong and determined appearance, they are affectionate and gentle companion animals. Whilst exceptionally loyal to their family, they remain good natured and are tolerant of children. Certainly not the most active of breeds, however what they lack in vigour and stamina, they make up for in unwavering devotion to their masters. Overall, English Bulldogs have an excellent temperament and will quickly consider themselves a part of the family. 

       English Bulldogs are a very high maintenance breed, requiring special attention to both grooming and exercise. Grooves which form between the folds of skin around the face must be cleaned daily to remove grime and moisture, preventing skin irritation. This can be done with a simple facewasher, as for a child. The entire coat can also be wiped down quickly each day.
        Exercise is very important. Bulldogs are not prone to great levels of spontaneous activity so they should be encouraged to exercise daily. Inactive bulldogs are inclined to get fat and lazy which may dramatically shorten their life expectancy. A regular walk will help keep these dogs fitter and ultimately happier. Compared to other breeds, a healthy bulldog's life expectancy is comparatively short; usually no more than 10 years under good circumstances. So maintaining good health is very important.


Amazing Leather Dog Collar for English Bulldog


Have you ever wanted a collar with nickel plated pyramids AND brass studs? This is it! This collar combines the beauty of shiny metal pyramids and classic look of brass in round shaped studs. The collar is made from soft genuine leather. You cannot be indifferent to this English Bulldog Leather Collar With Pyramids and Studs - it is simply too amazing!

Professional Weight Pulling Nylon Canine Harness for English Bulldog


Are you looking for a perfect harness for your dog? Then you are on the right track. English Bulldog online store offers you this Awesome Sport Nylon Harness for your pet. It is an excellent training tool if you are going to have a good work with your Bulldog. It is absolutely amazing because training your dog in pulling or building muscles is so simple with it now!

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