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The American Bulldog is one of several breeds of Bulldog popular today. Not to be confused with the French Bulldog or English Bulldog, the American Bulldog is a close cousin and shares a similar appearance with the American Pit Bull Terrier, or Pit Bull. The history of the Bulldog begins in England. Bulldogs descended from the Old English Bulldog - a breed now extinct. French and English Bulldogs were bred with Pugs down to a smaller, compact size. The American Bulldog retains the closest resemblance to the original Old English Bulldog.

Bulldogs were brought to America by immigrants and used as working dogs on farms and ranches. The original form of the breed almost became extinct after World War II. A war veteran and breeder, John D. Johnson, scoured the American South for remaining Bulldogs and begin breeding the American version known today. American Bulldogs are much larger than European forms and are still used for cattle droving. They are also used as K-9 dogs and as family pets. The breed has gained popularity due to the banning of the American Pit Bull in many countries. Former owners of banned Pit Bulls view American Bulldog puppies as attractive replacements. Buyers of American Bulldog puppies have John D. Johnson to thank for the very existence of the breed, and his protégé, Alan Scott, also helped maintain the existence of the American Bulldog. These two men split and bred two separate types of American Bulldogs, Scott, or Standard, American Bulldogs and Johnson American Bulldogs. Scott/Johnson hybrids are also popular among American Bulldog breeders. Buyers should be experienced dog owners before purchasing a breed such as the American Bulldog. This breed requires attention and discipline from the beginning and an inexperienced owner will not have the skills needed to raise successful Bulldogs.

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