British Bulldog Adoption and Rescues

An english bulldog adoption can be done through many breeders that have rescue dogs right at their kennel. Dogs of this breed weigh 50-55 lbs. They grow to a height of 12-14 inches at the withers. An average life span of the breed is 8 years. Dogs of this breed have a smooth coat that varies in color from brown, tan, white to brindle and piebald. These dogs are undemanding in grooming due to the short coat. They are not overly active and should be kept indoors, because heat and chill are bad for them. However, like all dogs, these animals need daily walks, but their exercise needs are very low and some of them create the impression of being lazy.

Find English Bulldog dogs for adoption and English Bulldog puppies for adoption from English Bulldog rescues on Next Day Pets. English Bulldog rescues place your English Bulldog puppies up for adoption to find a good home for your homeless dogs. If you are looking for an English Bulldog dog for adoption but do not see one listed here then place an English Bulldog puppy wanted ad.

  • ARP - Adopt a Rescue Pet - - Nationwide Rescue Groups

  • Rescue Bulldogs - - Lists available English Bulldogs across the United States, as well as local contacts. Includes adoption application.

  • Bulldog Rescue - - UK based Rescue & Re-homing of Pure Bred Bulldogs

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