Feed your English Bulldog Correctly!

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September 30, 2013
    Choosing correct food for your English Bulldog is a cornerstone of dog treatment, because food gives your English Bulldog necessary elements, minerals and vitamins, which ensures his correct growth and development. If you feed your dog correctly - he will definitely grow into a healthy and happy dog. If not - there will definitely will be problems with his health. If you want to avoid that problems - we have some recommendations for you. 
    First of all, a good diet for Bulldog should consist of proteins (for growth and maintenance), fat (for skin, fur, coat and energy), vitamins and minerals (for bone development), fiber (for digestion). These are the minimum requirements and there are two ways to provide your dog with them - to cook homemade food by yourself and to buy commercial food, which is already well-balanced. To choose between these two ways is more a matter of personal preference and your time schedule - but we recommend to combine them, feeding your English Bulldog twice a day - one time with a homemade food, and one time with a commercial food. It will give him a variety in his ration (which expresses in homemade food) and will allow him to keep his teeth in form (dry commercial food will help him in this question).  
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