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English Bulldog Collars

Dog collar is a good means for self-expression. Do not miss a chance to accentuate individuality of your English Bulldog! Your canine is posh in himself but the gorgeous collar will do no harm. Our store presents a wide choice of the highest-quality collars made of genuine leather and nylon. These tools are of classic design as well as there are plenty of gears with decorations and painting. Walk, train, socialize your English Bulldog with one of this collars on!
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All dog collars which are presented in our store have been certified and are considered to be safe for your Bulldog's health. We offer collars of all colors and models. Every dog should have a collar. But to choose it isn't as easy as it may seem at first sight. There is a special dog equipment dedicated not only to each specific dog breed, but also for different purposes and different types of training. To understand by yourself among the huge variety of collars (which are offered by modern zoo-industries) the one you need is quite tricky. We'll help you to make the right choice and dress your Bulldog with an appropriate accessory for him.
The types of collars are divided primarily according to the purpose of use.
A classic soft collar (for walking, with a handle for service and guard dogs). These collars are made of leather, synthetic material or their combination. Typically, such collars have a soft padding (felt, fleece, thin skin with a soft filler) to ensure maximum comfort for dogs.
Walking collars - are the most common type. They usually have D-ring for a leash attachment. It may be located near the buckle, which does not prevent an animal to move his head. Or it may be located at the opposite side of a collar - in this case an owner does not need to search for a ring to fasten his pet (buckle, as the heaviest part, tends to hang down).
A protection training collar has a convenient handle to hold your dog. A ring for leash is placed either on the handle or just below it. Usually there is one D-ring near a buckle, and while on-leash working with your pet it is better to attach a leash to it.
Guard dog collar is the most reliable and time-proof type. It is intended for holding your domestic animal on a leash for a long time. That's why it should have an increased durability. The main feature of it is that the collar strap is firstly passed through a D-ring and then it is fastened with a buckle. Thus, the load is distributed over dense material passed through a ring but not a buckle and holes. A buckle is also located at the top and does not interfere with your dog.
Choke dog collar (metal chain, leather, synthetic). These collars are often used as training or as show ones. However a light weight makes them easy in use during everyday life. A chocking effect of collars will be perceived by your pet similar to natural conditions of education in a pack: mother-dog teaches her puppies by slightly chocking their necks. However, any such impact on a dog, especially on a puppy, should be precise and short, otherwise an educational value will be lost. An experienced instructor should tell about it in details and show how exactly the owner should apply it to his four-legged companion before allowing any beginner to use it.
Metal or choke chain collars should be made of durable alloys, all its parts must be soldered or welded, and the covering should be made in such a way so as not to hurt a dog. Nowadays many dogs have allergy to nickel alloys. That's why we developed a special composition of alloys which is based on copper - it is kurogan which is slightly darker and has darker color and is more red than a brass, but it does not cause allergies.
Please remember that some chain collars, which are not very good, may discolor light-haired English Bulldogs. So, before going to the show, it is better to test it.
Another note: short-haired dogs or dogs with long fluffy wool usualy wear a thin and almost jewelry chain collar for the dog shows. It is done so as not to divide your Bulldog's neck visually and thus the dog's hair is not trampled down. But the more there links, the less a chain collar cuts the dog's hair.
Pinch collar. This model should be considered as a special one and be used under the supervision of experienced instructors. The main feature is the presence of spikes, which while pulling cause a discomfort to your dog. Such item is chosen strictly according to the circumference of your Bulldog's neck; the collar should be worn just behind the ears, do not fall down and hang loose.
One of the best known manufacturers of high quality metal collar is a German firm called Herm Sprenger. The range of its products includes several types of pinch collars - wire and plate, with long spikes for long-hair dogs and with short spikes for short-hair dogs. Their collars are made of various metals and with different coverings. The last development of this company - is a pinch collar with spikes which are located on two sides from the center plate near the Adam's apple of a dog. According to experts such an arrangement creates a more natural pressure on the dog's neck, simulating a mother's bite or tucks. Your pet must not always wear pinch collar - it may be used only during training and only when all other measures to make your pet obedient have been already tried. Total use of inexperienced dog owners who put on their puppies such collar since they are 5 month old, has a detrimental effect on the general obedience and ability to control the animal.
Show collar should not distract attention from your breed (usually it's selected to match hair color of a dog). It is important it not to divide the animal's neck visually and moreover it should be convenient, reliable and practical. In most cases these are synthetic show collars made of a thin cord, or choke chain collars. However, there are several breeds, including German Sheepdogs and Dobermans, have to make long run around the ring at the show.
An animal has to run ahead of his handler with his head up. In such cases, experts use metal or leather show collars special additional strap in the area of Adam's apple of a dog. Such collars can be metal or leather, with spikes (if the dog pulls strongly) or not, with a special shelf to raise a dog's head higher.
Your can find a collar to fit for any breed. But you must take into account the peculiarities of your breed anatomical structure and peculiarities of his/her respiratory tract. For example, Bulldogs and some other breeds with short snout are very sensitive to the influence made on their neck and thus they are disposed to suffocate. That's why they are recommended to walk in a harness. But in any case, a collar should be durable so as not to be broken during wearing.
What material is more durable?
 Collars are made of durable leather, different synthetic cords, metals and their combinations as well. Leather is the most pleasant material both for a man and an animal. High quality thick leather will always be fashionable and beautiful and will serve you for a long period of time. But as any leather product, a collar will require careful treatment and special maintenance.
Nylon can be considered as the most durable among the materials for the manufacturing of soft collars. Resistance to various weather conditions such products irreplaceable in our everyday life. Moreover, color, width and design can be chosen according to the owner's preference. The most durable and reliable can be considered a soft collar which is made of the combination of genuine leather with synthetic strap. If carefully produced with reliable fittings this combination will zero-risk choice for a guard collar and for protection training of large dogs.
It is clear that high quality metal collars can serve not for one "dog" generation. But it's undesirable to use this collar in cold weather season, because of the risk of frostbite. You may create a collar for your pet with by yourself. But you should remember that safety both of your dog and around people depends on its durability. Therefore, you should take into account the size and strength of your Bulldog and choose materials and accessories so that their ultimate strength to be at least 5 times higher than the weight of your pet.
The main things is the collar to fit correctly...
Soft collar should be chosen so that being fastened on the middle hole (there are usually two more holes of smaller and bigger size) it does not hang loose on the dog's neck. Usually there must be enough space to let the owner to put his finger under a collar strap: otherwise if it's small the collar will press, if bigger - the collar may fall off or rotate around the neck.
If you are looking for a puppy collar, you should keep in mind that the dog will grow. Hence the size of an item should be such that, first, it would be able to increase it, and second - the pit of a strap to be not very long so as not to interfere with dog's comfort. So, now it should be fastened to an extreme inner hole. And with the growth of your pet you as an owner will be able to regulate the size of the collar according to the size of a pet's neck. It's not recommended a dog to wear collars all day long because they can rub the his hair and discomfort. If you need to hold your dog at home, for this purpose it's better to use a thin leather choke collar.
Please remember that a collar for a dog is not just an accessory, it is a modest clothes. In fact a dog wears a collar all the time. Therefore it should be of a high quality, convenient and safe.

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