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English Bulldog Harnesses

If you prefer harnesses to collars or just need to get a harness to fulfill your needs, you may find the one you need here. Our online store offers you a lot of models and sizes of harnesses for your English Bulldog. We have leather and nylon tools in the stock. If you need durable harness for agitation/attack training or comfortable walking, consider gears made of leather. Nylon material allows to use the gear under any weather condition. Besides, due to nylon the item is lightweight and non-stretching. Choose the harness to your liking! Provide your English Bulldog with top quality equipment!
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All dog harnesses presented in our online store are made of high quality materials, which are water and dirt resist. A soft inner padding guarantees comfort for your dog. A convenient design allows to put a harness on and off quickly. Sewn reflectors will ensure your dog's safety in an urban area. Leather dog harnesses are made of the best quality leather; it guarantees an extended working lifespan. All metal parts of our products are made of high quality alloys and ensure reliability.
The assortment of our harnesses includes exclusive goods, such as a special dog harnesses for rescue and vet purposes. The patent items for professional handlers are available as well. Using such product you'll show your professionalism, the product will help you during working with your pet and prove your love to your true four-legged friend.
A dog harness is a kind of dog ammunition, which allows to control your dog, to use him as a sledge dog, to develop his strength and staying power. Today you can find them almost for every dog breed, starting with Chihuahua and finishing with Great Dane.
Any of our harnesses is made of different materials: a standard cloth, lace, nylon, suede, natural leather and leatherette. It's very comfortable to use harnesses which prevent pulling by a collar if a dog behaves himself restlessly while walking. Such harnesses (when fitted properly) will allow even a child to cope with big dogs. At the same time ordinary walking harnesses will not be suitable for walking with restless aggressive dogs. It's pretty difficult to choose harnesses for your dog because it should fit snugly on dog's body and do not hang loose. Otherwise an effectiveness of such a harness will be significantly reduced and a dog will feel discomfort.
Please pay attention to the correspondence of your dog's weight and his force. Do not economize on cheap models. They are usually made of law quality materials; they won't serve you for long period of time and can harm your dog's health. Please compare your pet's size and strength with durability of a harness you are going to buy.
For the last time there have appeared a lot of harnesses with stripes-reflectors, which can make your dog more visible for drivers and for you when walking in the evening time. Please remember that the permanent use of a harness is contraindicated. This is due to the fact that after wearing a harness a dog doesn't feel entirely comfortable wearing a collar and a leash (this is due to the shift in gravity).
To choose the right material and the needed shape of a harness you need to determine the purpose for which it will be used. Choosing harnesses for service English Bulldogs pay attention to a leather harness with wide straps. Check all the metal parts and stitching of straps. If you need a sport item with a help of which a dog will be harnessed or with a help of which he will tug a skier, then you need nylon harnesses. They are usually produced without metal parts, have durable stitching and small weight. The peculiarity of such harnesses is that they are equipped with a rope for attachment. Sometimes they are also equipped with additional fasteners (for sled work, for example).
There are models for muscle-building exercises and participation in dog competition. They can be used for a short period of time, but often. You would better to pay attention to their durability.
There are harnesses with additional load attached. These harnesses can help to gradually develop your dog's endurance; they also help while the rehabilitation after fractures. The additional load is removable, what allows you to choose the right weight for your pet.
A harness is irreplaceable for dogs with thick necks. For such dog breed it's better to use harnesses rather than a collar. With such item on it's easier for a dog to breathe and it doesn't damage his neck and larynx. These harnesses are usually made of light materials. It can be both a nylon and an expensive leather, studded or spiked. Such harnesses for massive dogs are often sold together with a same color leash. Separately there are models which have a specific construction which allows to lift a dog off the ground. These harnesses are used when it's hard for a dog to move and when he is not able to move by himself due to some traumas (injury, age, medical procedures).
So the main criteria when choosing a dog harness for your pet should be: sphere of usage, a dog's size, his body structure, purpose of use. Price should take the last place for you as cheap harnesses can inflict a great harm to your dog's health.

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